For Hempcrete Construction

Hempcrete Ready Mix is the best source for ready-mixed hempcrete binders in North America. With a large, well-maintained inventory of mixing equipment, raw minerals, well-trained dependable staff, and access to an extensive supply of raw minerals, we’re able to be the standard for hempcrete binders in North America.

No job is too big or too small, and we have the expertise and capacity to specifications for any hempcrete job. Whether it’s a binder for your hempcrete new build, retrofit, or commercial build, Hempcrete Ready Mix is the best choice binder for building grade hemp hurds designed to meet your specific Hempcrete requirements.

We're able to ready mix hempcrete binder in any quantity you need. We offer the highest quality ready mixed hempcrete binders because all of our raw materials are sourced from our very own processing plant, ASIMinerals. Orders can be arranged on short notice, and our mixers can be dispatched 24 hours a day.