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Hempcrete Ready Mix

The Divita Block™ (Hemp Block)

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HCRMix™ (Hempcrete Ready Mix) has developed a proprietary hemp-binder for Hempcrete Construction. HCRMix™ hempcrete binders are all-natural, fire-resistant, and immediately ready for use.

HCRMix™ has partnered with Divita Block™ to manufacture a hempcrete insulation block called The Divita Block™. The Divita Block™ is made from American Standard Industrial Hemp and Hempcrete Ready Mix binder. The Divita Block™ fits into standard 16 on-center construction frames and provides a healthy solution as an all-climate fire-resistant insulation block, which regulates humidity and temperature while retaining a comfortable living area. The Divita Block™ replaces drywall, insulation, exterior boarding, house wrap, siding, caulking, and unbreathable paint.